Mozambique Trip Deals

Exceptional place. The owners, Natalie and Marcus, go out of their way to make sure everyone has exactly the experience they are looking for. They manage to balance safety and professionalism with a

relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everything is well organised and prepared ahead of time, so that each diver can relax and just enjoy the diving.

Mozambique Trip Deals Photo Gallery

Fabulous dive. Two large Spanish dancers with different coloration. Then my first sea apple. Wonderful to be so deep; couldn’t resist going a bit deeper than everyone else and touching the sand at 46m

After 11 minutes at the bottom we made a long, slow ascent. Grey reef shark, a graciously gliding devil ray that stayed with us for ages, and then two devil rays almost touching my fins. Lovely, lovely.

How long? Each trip lasts about two hours. How many? Between six and 12 per trip Who is in charge? All trips are led by the owner, Angie Gullan, or a dolphin swim facilitator trained by her.

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