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This is a beautiful site, teeming with fish, lots of colour, lots of current, interesting topography. Exquisite colours and a great swim-through. On the way there we had a special moment. A large female humpback had her tail flukes high, high in the air. The power of her muscles was amazing. She just hung there, seeming quite comfortable, while her baby swam around her at the surface. At one stage the baby swam about halfway to our boat and then went back to her mom We switched off the engines and sat, completely silent, watching in awe as the mother just hung there, her huge, muscular black tail gleaming in the sun, about 15m away. Spellbinding.

Today on the way out, we saw the mother and baby humpbacks again, playing together at the surface. The size of the mother’s back as it arched out of the water was breathtaking. The baby seemed to be practising jumping out of the water, as it did so over and over again, coming closer and closer to us. We just sat dead still, with the engines off in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly the whales turned towards us and the mother dived right next to us – in our little RIB boat – andbthen dived under us! The baby followed. The water churned on both sides of us; it was wonderful.

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Absolutely beautiful dive. Again, the topography is very interesting, with one particularly lovely swim-through (which I did alone), leading to a wonderland of colours and fish and beauty.

There suddenly appeared a very big grouper – about 1,5m It seemed to want to play with one of the guys, but he curled up his knees under his chin for protection. Then the grouper chose me and I was just fascinated to be so close to such an amazing animal; he was centimetres from my face, staring right into my eyes. So I started to ‘dance’ with him, and he swam with me and turned with me, always looking deep into my eyes and remaining close to my face. What an amazing experience. Strong current, lovely dive.

Looked like pea soup going in, but as we swam north it cleared fairly nicely. Saw my first Spanish dancer. I was surprised by the size of it – much bigger than most other nudibranchs. Then saw two more later. Again, fascinating topography; it felt as if we were the first explorers – and we just about were. A very newly discovered site. Each time divers drop in they go different ways, as the site is very expansive. I was cold, but it was worth staying for the exhilarating sense of exploration.

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