Mozambique Round Trip

Maputo is the most southerly of Mozambique’s provinces and shares a border with South Africa. This fact is central to the diving industry of the area, as it is reasonably easy for South Africans driving from Durban or Johannesburg to reach the diving zone, known as ‘The Pontas’, in just a few hours.

The word Ponta means ‘point’, or ‘tip’, and is used to describe geographical points jutting out to form a bay. Virtually all the diving in the south of Mozambique takes place around the small village of Ponta do Ouro and the nearby Ponta Mamoli and Ponta Malongane.

Most of the resorts in this area cater for families and groups of divers coming across from South Africa and are among the most affordable in Mozambique. They range from simple campsites to comfortable lodges.

During South African school holidays Ponta thrums with life. Resorts and boats are full and there is a vibrant atmosphere. If you prefer your dive holiday quieter, then make sure you go outside of these times. Summers are hot, and it is mild in winter. The 25 or so dive sites offer a wide range of experiences, from easy, shallow dives of indescribable colour (Doodles) to one of the top shark dives in the world (Pinnacles). You won’t be disappointed if you choose your timing carefully. We saw both bullsharks and hammerhead sharks. Humpback whales can also be seen in season, between July and November, peaking in August and September. Check the timing grids on the resort pages.

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Please note that, because Ponta’s dive centres and dive sites are so close to each other, this chart applies to all of them Note: Whale sharks are very rarely seen. Vis is about 15m year-round. Peak time for sharks is from November-February. Mantas are encountered about 5 per cent of the time during the months of May and June, but are otherwise not encountered.

Peaceful, luxurious family and honeymoon resort. Activities include swimming in the pool, ocean safaris, horseriding, town tours, beach picnics, spa treatments, turtle walks, beach sports and stargazing.

We offer a safe, professional, world-class diving experience with multitudes of fish, vibrant corals and exhilarating shark sightings on one of the world’s top pinnacle reefs. We launch directly from the resort. Two species of turtle nest along our beaches. PADI courses are available for all. Whale season lasts from July to November and affords a unique opportunity to encounter these majestic animals. With a myriad sea creatures and beautiful reefs, this is the perfect underwater canvas for diving photography.

For basic accommodation you can arrange with the dive centre to hire the house across the road. Alternatively you can book into one of the many resorts nearby. The owners of the dive centre will help you to choose one if you ask.

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