Mozambique Road Trips

Comprises: Dive centre and accommodation Website: Email: Nearest airport: Maputo Courses offered: PADI

Other activities offered: Quadbike rental, ocean safaris, snorkelling trips, Kosi Bay trips, safaris at Tembe Elephant Park.

We are a boutique dive charter where each diver is known by name. We offer shallow and deep dives according to your qualifications. There is no adventure within your comfort zone!

Again just the four of us. I had fun riding on the tractor down to the beach. Again the deep, deep blue with the sparkle of white bubbles rising. Just lovely being at 43m and still looking at the reef, clearing my mask, completely relaxed.

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This time, as we reached 14 minutes, our planned ascent time, we saw the black nudi that Jenny has identified, the first ever new ID for Mozambique. Not only that, but it was next to a beautiful orange-and-purple Spanish dancer. Result was that we only ascended at 17 minutes, so although Rupert had reset my Suunto to have a partial pressure of 1.6 I still had 11 minutes deco to do at 10m, while the others on their Aladdins had 6 minutes. Never mind; beautiful hanging there in the blue and no one minded hanging out with me. The sort of dive nobody wants to end.

Main attractions: Marine life and topography; one of their dive sites, The Pinnacle, is considered to be among the top 10 shark-diving sites in the world.

Our staff is professional, experienced and dedicated. We offer personalised service with luxury and comfort and will go the extra mile.

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