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Mount Athos City for These regularities are rigid in the sense that most individuals cannot alter them even though they are affected by them. As individuals, we cannot appreciably alter the rate of employment, income curves, matrimonial laws, levels of access to education, and hierarchies organized around class, race, gender, age, power, wealth, and prestige. Yet as individuals we are affected by these structures. They influence our behavior and contribute to our identities. Durkheim suggested that the way people think in primitive societies mimics the social order of their society. Individual cognitive systems and mental schemata are patterned upon the existing social structure of the group. This understanding has been extended to contemporary societies by Pierre Bourdieu, a renowned French sociologist, who argues that individuals internalize as menmodernity and postmodernity 7 5 tal dispositions and schemes of perception and thought the organization of their external reality. Mount Athos City 2016.

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