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Most popular vacation spots for France put it well They already knew from Herod that Bethlehem a mere ive or six miles from Jerusalem was their destination, so that they did not need the star to tell them that; their extravagantly expressed joy is hard to explain unless the star somehow indicated the actual house rather than just the village as a whole. It seems, then, that the star’s movement gave them the inal supernatural direction they needed to the specific house where the child was. That the Star stood over the individual building where the infant was is clearly implied in verse And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother. The house here most naturally picks up on verse b’s place where the child was. The suggestion that no astronomical entity could pinpoint a house is inaccurate. It could, depending on what it looks like, where the observers are located, and where the house is relative to the visible horizon. If a house is located on the visible horizon, an astronomical entity that is notably bright and large can seem to onlookers to be standing over it. Most popular vacation spots 2016.

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