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Most olar vacation destinations for Th erefore, koan cases reveal how and why an nenlightened yet asiring seeker mst strggle intellectally and emotionally indeed, with his or her whole being in order to clarify seemingly obscre or convolted ideas and twisted verbal exressions Th rogh the vehicle of the dialoge in which obscrity is enhanced, a sdden breakthrogh into an nderstanding of the tre natre of self and world is realized A gateless gate, Zen ractice maintains that there is really no barrier that stands in the way or needs to be crossed to attain this realm, and yet the imasse aears to be insrmontable and the obstacles endless for those who are strggling along the ath Once the transcendental fi eld of enlightenment is realized, a trained erson’s inner being is transformed throgh overcoming every imediment while ndergoing a symbolic resonance with all the revios Bddhas and atriarchs Frthermore, the new level of selfrealized knowledge is caable of being transmitted to followers by teachers who scceed in develoing and cltivating their own distinctive training techniqes Th e relation between transcendence and the two main comonents of transformation and transmission is illstrated in Figre 31 Most olar vacation destinations 2016

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