Note to self always travel with an umbrella cause it’s raining right now again and not dumb cattivo here in Montreal and it’s very pretty this line of people trying to get in very cold – and raining. I just want to go to another bakery and have more food and more tea and coffee because it’s cold lift your feet roll that’s a Christian without my face in it just for you preacher and now it sounds. So much better in French when they call it cafe look at this bread here that’s a lot of bread absol buy a new couple but it’s really nice served with our people hitting and brightening through the cakes as you do have hems that’s why not my going. I am falling in love with Montreal the streets are beautiful and the buildings are old and things like a very very cute town. So we made it through the trains of Thor Orson. I don’t know.


I can’t speak French and apparently it’s a great area to grab. So much. I got Japanese breakfast Michael good French toast of course and yeah it’s a storm, I’m gonna say and look at the montreal one thing to be said about Montreal they like their town homes directions all the streets are one-way leaving Montreal to make it to Niagara Falls tonight m an arrival by one trio another bridge this time across the West. I mean it’s very pretty like Michael almost correct that the trying to get him to smile yeah immigration officer what. I have to declare Michael and you do but use does he like smirk like almost yeah they’re always very strict but they let us in and we are an upstage though. So far we are trying to find some gas stations she’s some cheap gas because it’s way less expensive in the US than it is in Canada. So just pull air on the gas first thing, I’m surprised he’s not a gas station as soon as you cross the border we are speeding in miles nice and we are three hours away from Niagara Falls pretty here nothing more to say upward from the fact it’s very pretty that’s it we made it to a room my favorite thing about our hotel rooms that when you can take a shower. I can watch person C or when you be yeah every nice.

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