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Montreal. Map on Periodic expressions of public anger (such as in the riots of 1968) are a reminder of this. As France has become more integrated into a European and global economy it has also become clear that French governments have much less latitude in imposing their own, particularly French, solutions to economic problems. This became abundantly clear in the early 1980s when President Franois Mitterrand was forced by global markets to first abandon his program of nationalization and state intervention; and to later actively reverse his strategy, thus becoming the socialist president who introduced privatization to France. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Roger Price, A Concise History of France (Cambridge University Press, 1993); John Ardagh, France in a New Century (Penguin, 1999); Martin S. Alexander, ed., French History Since Napoleon (Edward Arnold, 1999); Roger Magraw, France 18001914: A Social History (Longman, 2002); Emile Zola, Les Rougon-Macquart (Librairie J. Montreal. Map 2016.

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