The door is locked we’re leaving our beautiful cabin it’s around a.m. in the morning and we have this crazy idea of god it is snow it just started snowing like it said can you see it yay we got everything leading and we saw some deer idea oh they’re looking at us because we’re crazy and then three hours away from our cabin and we need to make it to Niagara Falls today but we thought that Montreal is very romantic we are in Ottawa now it’s sunny of course because the weather changes rapidly here in Canada we are in the center of Ottawa.

MONTREAL MAP Photo Gallery

I got lost. I mean it’s pretty desolate of it supposed to be raining in Montreal and we’re like no what do you mean sunny but looks like we’re about to enter those giant giant clouds very spectacular well yeah we made it to Montreal and that’s all ahead of us well you know hope we don’t have to leave the car then pretty-pretty all townish feeling. I have been privileged for someone’s trying no cuz it’s rainy no one looks warm everything’s in French it’s John we are snuggled up in Montreal boats waiting a little bit and it’s raising it’s very cute just get an idea where everything is everything’s in French exciting ooh la la in French polish restaurant in Montreal and the menus in Polish – cute. I like these stairs that go up then for investors cars drive backwards here on the streets yeah let’s just get some coffee here in Spain you know to teach better which made them oh we can try that that will be great Wow this is French onion.

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