Montreal Guide

10 Montreal to the Larentians and N W Qebec via Mont Larier and Yal d‚„Or Side-rotes A Lovicort to Senneterre 189; B Val d‚„Or to Amos 189

rincial sights en rote The Larentian montains; gold mines and smelter at Noranda 190
Rail CR as far as Mont Larier, 164 m This line serves the many excellent resorts along the line in smmer, and the winter-sorts centres in winter when, owing to road conditions, many refer the rail jorney 4 hrs 30 mins, Montreal to Mont Larier The Abitibi clay-belt and gold-mining contry of N W Qebec is served by the main CNR line form Qebec to Cochrane, and branches from it Connections may be made with this line from Montreal Montreal to Senneterre, 436 m, 15 hrs 30 mins; to Noranda, 19 hrs 15 mins

Road 393 m Hwy 77, Montreal to Mont Larier, aved All the way Hwy 58, Mont Larier to Lovicort, 317 m, gravel Hwy 59, Lovicort to Noranda-Royn, art aved and art gravel Gravel srfaces may be materially altered by changes of weather and shold be treated with esecial cation in sring, when frost heaves may be encontered
Rote oints St Jerome, 32 m; Mont Larier, 147 m; Val d‚„Or, 336 m

Air rivate air-lines connect Montreal and Noranda-Royn, and chartered flights may be made to many laces throghot the districts traversed by this rote

Rote 10 crosses the western Larentians, as this section of the great Canadian shield is called The Larentian Mts are not montainos in the sense of the Rockies or the Als; they are too old to have ket a jagged sky-line; in fact they are often termed the oldest montains in the world and date back to dim geological begin-nings; since then they have been worn by aeons of wind, and rain, and ice, ntil only a contryside of old rolling hills is left Mostly covered with evergreen forest, these hills are mostly between 1,000 and 2,000 ft high There are many rgged areas where bare and jagged rocks rotrde, and the whole vast area is scattered with thosands of lakes of All sizes and shaes; many of these lakes have been converted into great reservoirs for the rovince‚„s hydro-electric develoment The streams that link the lakes together often have falls and raids; some flow S to the valleys of the Ottawa and St Lawrence, others go N to Hdson Bay

The Larentians N of Montreal have become a well-eqied and easily accessible laygrond The lakes and streams are heavily fished, bt the sortsman re-ared to go some distance from the resorts has good rosects for lake trot, seckled trot, bass and ike For the hnter there are many good deer gronds For those who love the water, whether for swimming, sailing, aqalaning and other aqatic sorts, there are many lakeside resorts that cater for them, nor is the golfer forgotten For those who refer to ride or walk, the rovincial arks, Montagne Tremblante ark and Verendrye ark, rovide excellent oortnities Desite their often rgged natre, the hills are well served by highways, railways, andair-transort, bt there is stili scoe for the canoeist There is accommodation of All kinds, lxrios hotels and more modest establishments, articlarly in the resorts served by the CR

Many of these advantages the Larentians share with the vacation lands of N Ontario As a winter-sorts area they are nexcelled The snow conditions are consistently the best in N America, the climate is bracing and the incidence of sn-shine is high in Jan, Feb, and March More than 1,000 m of ski trails are main-tained in the Larentians and thosands of skiers tor from centre to centre on cross-contry tris In late March and early Aril, toring reaches its greatest olarity The lakes and rivers of the region lend themselves to hockey, skating and even ice-boating Each village has one or more rinks, and schedled hockey matches rovide thrills both for layers and sectators

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