Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello loopings is Aguilera and trouble her shoes welcome to Molly motivation today’s it. So it will be a little longer and the reason is. I would love to share with you my experience about date with destiny and, I know it seems like it’s odd you Tony Robbins show. But I kinda want to finish this first Forex dose with first month of my motivation with pony just because he is the number one if. I was to recommend you one person for your self development that would be Tony Robbins just because he exposes you to. So many other people and bring.

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So many other ideas that he’s really awesome hi all date with destiny Booker Tom December last year. I attended six a seminar with Tony Cole baek-moo destiny and it was awesome it was super exhausting but was no matter how. I will describe it it will never do justice to this event if you’re like me and you’re the kind of person that knows they’re like you can be better you can like take control of your thoughts of your emotions of who you are and you know there is like a better way to live and where in the world where people are kinder and are not interested in material stuff and are not interested in just makeup and just new handbag and just gossiping and celebrities or whatever it is there is a world when people exchange ideas took about folk talk about like how to be better and healthier and better food and you go to baccarat Thanh and you need, people that are on the same page people that are very driven already doing very well in life and they were there to find out what’s the to millimeters and others make real life awesome and amazing and get to the very top of their human potential basically work for six days wonderful poster of yours this is line as you can see. I feel like this entire poster is a summary of everything that we’ve learned in that six days out there with primary questions the perfect Christmas an idea that there is actually a question is keep asking yourself at the back of your head all the time. So for Tony Robbins was how can I make this better or what can. I do to be even better and that was the question that he kept asking himself at basically on everyday basis which was good because he was growing as a person but that very question also implies that his life is not good enough or she’s not doing well enough right now. So he has to get better and it perpetuates a very unhealthy everyday living because you feel like whatever you do or whatever you have right now it’s not good enough.

So I was wondering what my question would be. I think it was something about like what can. I do to do enough or like what can. I do to be productive enough. I felt it was definitely something about justifying my existence on this planet by getting things done and my new question had to include gratitude and appreciation and loving and being in a moment. So I think that industry what. I came up with how can I appreciate and enjoy all that. I am have and do in this moment and it’s basically a question they should keep repeating myself no matter what happens in my life like okay how can I appreciate it more what’s good about it what’s good about everything that. I do that. I have and that. I am in this moment because there’s. So much more that can be done it’s more about like enjoying your lives as opposed to chasing. I know Tony said that you can also add to these questions like how can I appreciate in joy and add value. So that the primary question always also motivates you to do more and unnecessarily just through just to appreciate okay And I’ll stop here and, I was going to tell you everything else. But I feel like this post will cut like we’ll be five days long because it’s exactly how how many ideas there are in the next post. I’ll share with you the tourist values and the away values and what that means basically in short the idea is that what you’re trying to avoid is actually stronger motivator not to do things then what you’re seeking. But I’ll tell you worried about it next week thanks. So much for reading make sure you subscribe to my blog telling your friends if this is something that you and your friends wanna talk about. I would love to meet more people And I’ll see you next week bye.

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