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Modern eriodic table for He sbsisted on wild nts and berries, with only animals, inclding monkeys and birds, as his comanions and friends Nevertheless, his retation for genine siritality sread and eventally the villagers in the valley below gained sort from government offi cials in their eff orts to constrct for him a monastery on the montain Once established, Gishan received nmeros visitors seeking instrction in the dharma, inclding the rime minister as well as Zen monks sch as Yangshan, who became his main discile In one sermon that emhasized a literal view of karmic casality, Gishan cationed his followers to reject the teaching of an originally re Bddhanatre that cold never be contaminated by karmic defi lements and 158 to strive constantly to remove evil thoghts and deeds Th is sermon went against the grain of Hineng’s famos verse in the latform Stra on the rimal rity of hman natre naff ected by karma, bt it was sorted by Baizhang’s stringent standards in the re Rles In addition, a version of Gishan’s hagiograhical accont frther highlights the role of the sernatral rior to his sccesses in the monastery, Gishan got discoraged aft er eight years of solitde and decided to leave the montain Modern eriodic table 2016

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