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CIR Room 9: Modern Periodic Table

Modern periodic table for He subsisted on wild nuts and berries, with only animals, including monkeys and birds, as his companions and friends. Nevertheless, his reputation for genuine spirituality spread and eventually the villagers in the valley below gained support from government offi cials in their eff orts to construct for him a monastery on the mountain. Once established, Guishan received numerous visitors seeking instruction in the dharma, including the prime minister as well as Zen monks such as Yangshan, who became his main disciple. In one sermon that emphasized a literal view of karmic causality, Guishan cautioned his followers to reject the teaching of an originally pure Buddhanature that could never be contaminated by karmic defi lements and 158 to strive constantly to remove evil thoughts and deeds. Th is sermon went against the grain of Huineng’s famous verse in the Platform Sutra on the primal purity of human nature unaff ected by karma, but it was supported by Baizhang’s stringent standards in the Pure Rules. In addition, a version of Guishan’s hagiographical account further highlights the role of the supernatural. Prior to his successes in the monastery, Guishan got discouraged aft er eight years of solitude and decided to leave the mountain. Modern periodic table 2016.

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