Minsk Map

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Minsk Map for He seems to have labored as a carpenter Mark When he was in his s, Jesus began a ministry of teaching and healing from a base in the Galilean village of Capernaum. Although Jesus did travel outside of lower Galilee, for example visiting Judea and Tyre and Sidon, he spent the lion’s share of his time in rural Galilee, the very area which Tiglath-pileser had crushed so devastatingly in / BC. According to the Gospels, Jesus taught and preached and did miracles throughout the region. It was there that he preached the Sermon on the Mount and did countless wonders. His impact in Galilee was seismic, with multitudes from all across Galilee, as well as surrounding areas like Judea and the Decapolis, flocking to him Matt. Yet, astonishingly, he was treated with contempt by many who should have known better. His own hometown of Nazareth rejected him and tried to kill him Luke Early in his Galilean ministry his own unbelieving siblings tried to seize him against his will Mark And, in the end, one of his own disciples betrayed him for pieces of silver The religious leaders in Galilee and especially Jerusalem hated him and were eager to discredit and kill him. Minsk Map 2016.

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