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Milan Subway Map on Does that mean we have a perfect picture of social structure, e.g., we know how and when to intervene to prevent health or educational differences? It is important to underline that income is only one of the factors we need to take into account. Money is only part of the story: EDUCATION (human capital), connections (social capital) or other assets (real estate, for instance), have a great impact in life chances. But is income inequality a bad thing, something that is perhaps inevitable or even fair, or in and of itself, is it a social wrong? Some think it is a very necessary evil, or not an evil at all if compared to the alternatives. If people desire an ever-greater income, and this income can be increased as a result of their investment in human or physical capital, their ambition would push them toward ever-greater productivity and better use of productive and technological possibilities. Taken together, all those individuals striving for greater incomes would push the society as a whole toward more productive states. Milan Subway Map 2016.

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