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Milan Map on Membership in the EU and the incorporation and subsidization of East Germany into the German economy are potential threats to the delicate balances in the German tradedriven economy. The industrial sector accounted for 36 percent of the GDP in 1999 and employed 36 percent of the workforce. Traditional industries like steel and shipbuilding have contracted or even changed their focus to survive. For instance, the traditional heavy industry conglomerate Preussag is changing operations toward tourism as of 1999. Elsewhere, even the vaunted German automobile industry has moved toward transnational corporate status to remain competitive with global and EU market changes. The combination of the American car company Chrysler and the German company Daimler-Benz is a prime example. West German industry is modernizing with electronics while East German industry has lagged far behind with high wages and worker productivity sometimes 70 percent below that of West Germany. Milan Map 2016.

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