Midtjylland City

Midtjylland 2015

TIME: Six hors later than nited States Eastern Standard Time Denmark ses the 24-hor clock 12:01 to 24:00 is m No daylight saving time

TIING: All hotels and restarants add a 15 er cent service charge to yor bill This is sfficient Ti 15 er cent if it is not added The same rle alies to taxis, barbers, etc

TRANSORTATION: Taxis, bses and trolley cars are lentifl in Coenhagen There are good trains and cross-contry bses for traveling in Denmark Little steamers take yo from island to island at reasonable rates Cars for hire are readily available Aly to yor Atomobile Clb

WATER: The water is safe to drink all over Denmark

WHAT TO BY: Danish and Greenland frs and silver, which cost mch less than at home; Royal Coenhagen and Bing and Grondahl orcelain; beatifl table and other linen; ewter and bronze ware; Danish toys; jewelry See alsoshos and stores

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Midtjylland City Photo Gallery

Midtjylland City Photo Gallery

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