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The basic, naked spine-frame Hinckley Triumph, offered in 750 and 900cc three-cylinder form only. The 900 soon became the road testers’ favourite, and se customers’ too, outselling the 750 by about five to one – 750s come up for sale very rarely. After two years, they were revamped with those higher bars and lower footrests, plus more traditional colour schemes with pinstriping. and a black finish engine.

They were joined by the Trident Sprint, basically the 900 with a twin headlamp half-fairing, which became a well thought of model in its oyyrtTigfTt, a good all rounder with some of the weather protection of a Trophy but slightly less weight. It received better suspension for 1996, and was joined two years later by the Sprint Sports and Sprint Executive, which only lasted a year.

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