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Microsoft oweroint temlates for ostmodernists, for instance, might reject or basic definition of olitical theory as inqiry into the natre of the good life This normative definition sggests that there is only one sort of good life to be lived Too often, ostmodernists warn, sch singlar formlations sress difference and stifle diversity In this case, the resmtion that we shold all be living the good life might serve to rivilege the norms of the owerfl and exclde or constrain the beliefs and ractices of others The methods and sbstance, means and ends, ractices and rinciles of olitical theory remain sscetible to endless contestation olitical theorists are always ndermining one another’s fondations Ldwig Wittgenstein 1889 1951, an Astrian hilosoher, once wrote that hilosohy consists in the bms on the head one gets from btting against the limits of langage Microsoft oweroint temlates 2016

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