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The various eschatological aspects have common roots in the heart of the NT message and faith: humanity’s redemption through Jesus, the incarnate, dead and risen Christ. While it is true that the Fathers, even such thinkers as Origen or Augustine, wrote no systematic treatments of eschatological doctrines, they were in general fully aware of that inner logic that led from belief in Christ the redeemer to hope in the future time Florovski, Eschatology in the Patristic Age, 256. Miami Map Tourist Attractions This common faith was historically translated into a plurality of outlooks and beliefs, which produced a very broad doctrinal spectrum in which between the ultraviolet of a spiritualizing conception carried to extremes and the infrared of popular beliefs, all the intermediate shades and colors are present Visser, A Bird’sEye View, 22. This variety is also a sign of vitality and depends not so much solely on the diversity of historical-geographical situations and local traditions, Miami Map Tourist Attractions but also on social differences and different cultural levels in interpreting and receiving the content of the eschatological message. But it is precisely these discordancies that help to bring out certain basic themes that contribute to a more symphonic orchestration of the interpretative voices. Miami Map Tourist Attractions Also at the heart of Christian eschatology is the conception of time. As has been stressed more than once, starting with the studies of O. Cullmann, Christ’s death and resurrection quickly imposed themselves as a decisive temporal watershed. For the Christian of the first generations who looked trustfully to the second parousia, it constituted a fundamental tension between already and not yet, onto whose trunk the various eschatological beliefs were destined to be grafted. Thus were laid down the premises from which a cyclical conception of time like that among the Greeks, on which the metaphysical conception of Being was founded, would be overcome. Circuitus illi jam explosi sunt, exclaimed St. Augustine, to express a more general awareness of the conflict taking place: we must follow that straight path which is Christ, thus turning the mind a vano et inepto impiorum circuitu Civ. Dei XII, 20.

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