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Mexico travel for It is not uncommon for Matthew’s infancy narrative to be labeled midrash or creative historiography. Obviously, if the cynicism of such theologians is justiied, then the quest to identify the historical celestial event witnessed by the Magi is doomed to miserable failure. However, the skepticism is unwarranted. We have already seen that the Gospels are ancient Greco-Roman biographies that seek to tell the story of Jesus in a historically faithful way, based on sources deemed reliable, and that the story of the Magi was regarded by Matthew as true and has strong historical credentials. But here it is important to say two things in response to the claim that the account of the Magi and the Star in Matthew is mythical. First, the claim rests on astronomical ignorance. As this study will demonstrate, every element in Matthew’s description of the behavior of the Star is consistent with established astronomical facts. Mexico travel 2016.

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