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Mexico travel destinations on Tony Cliff, Lenin: Building the Party (Pluto Press, 1975); Marcel Liebman, Leninism Under Lenin (Merlin Press, 1985); Alfred Rosmer, Moscow Under Lenin (Monthly Review Press, 1971). TITHI BHATTACHARYA, PH.D. PURDUE UNIVERSITY Leontief, Wassily (190699) IN 1973, WASSILY LEONTIEF won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his development of the input-output method and its application to important economic problems. The method he created analyzes how changes in one sector of the economy affect others. Since its formulation, the input-output has been considered a mainstay of economics and economic policy throughout the world. One example of his legacy includes the fact that introductory textbooks in international economics include a section on Leontief’s Paradox, a result of his work that questioned the conventional wisdom of countries exporting commodities that exploit their resources. Mexico travel destinations 2016.

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