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Metro map paris for I am neither a male nor a female form, she responded. Th en, he asked, why not transfi gure into some other form? Since I? am not a fox spirit, I cannot transfi gure, she replied. Once again, the monk bowed and decided to serve as supervisor of Moshan’s temple garden for three years, proclaiming her teaching the equal of Linji. Th ere are also other versions of the case narrative in various transmission rec ords that have diff erent outcomes and ways of treating the question of whether the monk in the end deferred to the authority and superiority of the nun, whose wisdom is expressed through ingenious philosophical puns. Th is case mixes a number of fascinating supernatural and ritual elements to convey a message about nonduality as applied to gender issues. Th e dialogue focuses on the role of the nun as a teacher of men. She is recommended and therefore sanctioned by one of the leading patriarchs, an honor that other female practitioners were routinely denied. Metro map paris 2016.

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