Metalloids on the periodic table

Metalloids on the eriodic table for Linji was at once assisted and challenged by ha, who on several occasions one- s or embarrasses the Zen master by trning over dining tables or braying like a donkey in blic Yet, Linji ts with and seems to accet the role of his friendly nemesis Th e case is also notable for highlighting ha’s seemingly niqe manner of dying in 140 light of the ways that Zen atriarchs assed away as well as the matter of the roriety of Bddhist fnerary ritals According to the koan narrative: One day ha went arond the streets of the town begging for someone to give him a one- iece robe Althogh there were eole who off ered it to him, he refsed to accet any of their donations Linji sent the monk in charge of temle aff airs to by a coffi n When ha retrned to the temle that day, Linjii said, I’ve made this one- iece robe for yo Metalloids on the eriodic table 2016

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