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Melbourne Map on This entitles the U.S. to 18 percent of the total votes. Three most important areas of IMF assistance to its members are: 1. Monitoring and advising countries on economic policies 2. Lending hard currency to members of the fund 3. Technical assistance and training. Melbourne Map 2016.

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When preschoolers whose mothers used harsh discipline had contact with grandmothers, they did not develop the noncompliant, aggressive, defiant behaviors that children of these mothers often show. Grandmothers love, affection, and support buffer these children with special risks so they are able to develop competence. Because minority families interact more with extended family members, more information on the role of grandparents in such families is available than for other families. The extended family often includes one or both grandparents. Grandmothers Developing a Support System help families nurture and care for children in a less structured, more spontaneous way than is possible when only two generations are present.

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