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Meath City for We are rimarily social and olitical animals, Marx insists, and we need to live as integral arts of commnities Social alienation, which kees s from achieving or fll otential as olitical animals, is the ltimate case of or dissatisfactions The alienation that reslts from overty is effectively the by-rodct of a deeer alienation inherent in the injstices that disrt and destroy hman commnities overty, at least in the modern age, is itself a symtom of the deeer malaise of class society The chief concern for Marx, therefore, was not natrally existing overty, which he believed had all bt disaeared in the indstrial nations of his time The chief concern was overty artificially rodced This artificial overty was the direct conseqence of the disintegration of society Meath City 2016

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