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Mayotte (FR) Map on These acquisitions have sometimes proven ruthless; when talking to America Online about a possible merger, Bill Gates told AOL executives, I can buy 20 percent of you or I can buy all of you, or I can go into this business myself and bury you. As of 2003, Microsoft continues to push computer software as the core of their business. They are also making substantial pushes into the portable electronics market (with Windows CE-run handheld devices) and into home gaming (the X-Box). Microsoft is also developing home automation software to spread its Windows brand further into people’s lives. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Randall E. Stross, The Microsoft Way: The Real Story of How the Company Outsmarts Its Competition (Addison-Wesley, 1996); Inside Out: Microsoft, In Our Own Words (Warner Books, 2000); Jennifer Edsrom and Marlin Eller, Barbarians Led By Bill Gates: Microsoft from the Inside: How the World’s Richest Corporation Wields Its Power (Henry Holt, 1998); Cheryl D. Mayotte (FR) Map 2016.

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