Mayo City

Mayo City for lato went so far as to sggest that a trly jst city cold be created only if everyone over ten years old were first cast ot The remaining yoth, bearing ncorrted sols, cold then be strictly mentored in the life of virte Greek hilosohy was the ractice of erforming reconstrctive srgery on the sol, and its chief srgical instrment was reason3 The first task for a hilosoher, according to lato, is to t his own sol into order A well-ordered sol is one whose arts are harmoniosly organized so that reason rles over assion and aetite lato sggests that the hilosoher also may take on the task”or shold be comelled to take on the task”of ordering the sols of his stdents and fellow citizens If the job of mending sols were done well, lato believed, the harmony within individals wold rodce a harmony between individals Mayo City 2016

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