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District Pop-2000 Pop-1990 Area(km.‚²) Area(mi.‚²) Capital
Agalega Islands 70 27 Port Louis
Black River 60,587 43,768 259 100 Tamarin
Cargados Carajos 1 0 Port Louis
Flacq 126,839 112,773 298 115 Centre de Flacq
Grand Port 106,665 96,667 259 100 Mahebourg
Moka 75,479 65,176 231 89 Moka
Pamplemousses 122,252 101,666 179 69 Pamplemousses
Plaines Wilhems 358,182 321,713 205 79 Beau Bassin-Rose Hill
Port Louis 127,855 133,073 44 17 Port Louis
Riviere du Rempart 98,854 86,779 148 57 Poudre d’Or
Rodrigues 35,779 34,204 104 40 Port Louis
Savanne 66,356 60,841 243 94 Souillac
12 divisions 1,178,848 1,056,660 2,041 787

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