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Maui vacation packages for The first government to make a serious, centralized R&D effort was the French, in the years following the FRENCH REVOLUTION. A more systematic and larger-scale effort was made by the German government in the last years of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Both these efforts, and others, were motivated by the desire for rapid industrialization, and were spurred by the flow of goods from colonies in the Third World, convenient sources of important industrial inputs. As a result, the focus has generally been upon certain industries considered to be of strategic importance, such as armaments and electronics. More recently, countries such as South KOREA or JAPAN, which have successfully attempted to accomplish rapid industrialization, have focused on consumer products (sometimes by using reverse engineering) to rapidly create an export production capacity. Universities have had a crucial role in R&D, and this has been effectively managed when incentive structures are put in place to encourage university- level research to be developed into industrial applications. However, this can lead to problems with intellectual property ownership when sponsoring companies wish to retain exclusive ownership of the results of applied research, a situation that has frustrated some government-private sector research partnerships in, for example, AUSTRALIA. Maui vacation packages 2016.

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