From its inception, Massachusetts was a uniquely religious settlement. The impetus behind the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 was the belief that the Anglican Church of England was corrupt and should be purified. John White, a leading Puritan, secured the royal charter for the company, gaining rights to lands in New England that had earlier been held by the Dorchester Company.

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Those who were poorly controlled at age three had the greatest number of difficulties as young adults. They were highly impulsive, aggressive, risk-taking people who irritated others. Three- to five-year-olds self-control predicted measures of health, depression, substance abuse, employment and earnings, and lawabiding behavior when these study members were age thirty-two. Temperament and Parenting Parents behavior has different impacts depending on the child’s temperament. When mothers of highly reactive infants were protective and nurturant, rocking and holding their crying baby, the child remained fearful and inhibited in the toddler years.

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