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Maryland vacation spots for Appreciating that the verse is the chief stumbling block for many Bethlehem Star hypotheses, Hughes maintains that verse was not intended to be taken at face value or literally, as though the Star guided them as they went from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and then pinpointed the particular dwelling where Mary and Jesus were. According to Hughes, if Matthew’s description is in accord with reality to any extent, the Star’s leading could only have been general. However, it is surely preferable to revise or abandon one’s hypothesis rather than resort to special pleading in order to escape the natural force of the single most important description of the Star’s behavior in Matthew’s account. The Magi did not need help inding Bethlehem. As verse Go and search diligently for the child, and when you have found him makes abundantly clear, the challenge was in locating the infant within Bethlehem. R. T. Maryland vacation spots 2016.

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