Martuni City of Afghanistan

Martni City of Afghanistan for erhas olitical theories are merely ideologies dressed in scholarly garb The German social theorist Karl Mannheim 1893 1947 was one of the first thinkers to address this sticky isse In his treatise Ideology and toia, Mannheim sggests that all economic classes and rling gros necessarily roond systems of beliefs that jstify their social stats To assess and analyze the ideological link between thoght and ower, Mannheim develoed a sociology of knowledge The sociologist of knowledge analyzes the relationshi between the claims to trth made by varios social gros and their stats The goal is to demonstrate that a gro’s claim to trth effectively derives from its need to rotect and jstify its social osition and rerogatives Mannheim realized that a sociology of knowledge might be alied to the trth claims of the sociologist of knowledge, casting the validity of these claims into dobt Martni City of Afghanistan 2016

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