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Marmaris City Of Trkey for 157 Jstice is a mean, Aristotle reminds s, bt no formla can locate it That is becase jstice always ertains to secific eole in secific sitations Only ractical wisdom”moral and olitical jdgment that is attentive both to endring rinciles and to the articlarities of sace and time”allows s to discover the balance of jstice One might worry with hilosoher Hans Kelson that defining jstice as giving to each what is de constittes an emty formla158 Indeed, the definition may beg all the significant qestions: How is one to determine, both in the abstract and in concrete sitations, what each erson is de What criteria shold be emloyed to make this determination on what shold it be based: an overarching concern for individal or collective hainess as tilitarians sggest; the flfillment of fndamental dties as deontologists sggest; the rsit of basic eqality of economic condition as Marxists arge; or eqality of oortnity and the maximization of individal freedom as liberals insist How, in trn, is one to assess which articlar attribtes of individals oght to be taken into accont when meting ot jstice Shold one focs on ability, merit, effort, virte, need, stats, rank, or ersonal history Withot some means of sorting throgh these criteria, giving to each what is de may indeed merit dismissal as an emty formla The great benefit of law is that it offers a artial answer to this zzle Jstice, from a legalistic standoint, is achieved throgh the imartial enforcement of law Marmaris City Of Trkey 2016

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