Hi this is Agee loud trouble. And today. I want to talk to you about my March favorites. And there weren’t that many of them but they were really really really cool stuff this month, I’m an efficiency removed with the most expensive one. I guess. So well number one thing that. I got is the new iPhone which is not very exciting but the case that. I got the Lummi case is my first Lumi case. I never really liked them. Because I was worried they might be too thick uh but my friends like swear by it. And they say how good the photos they take. And you know you have that little light whenever you’re filming yourself in a dark weather you’re doing stories or when, I’m doing blogs.


So I figured maybe. I don’t know maybe maybe it’s a good idea maybe not. I don’t know. So yeah. I have been pretty happy with this. So far uh second purchase like the one, I’m really really really excited about is got a new laptop. I started doing a lot of posts for YouTube recently em a previous month book err just literally like died on me. And refused to cooperate like too many posts. I was like stop it. So I had to invest the MacBook Pro. And except we’re expensive. And I got a beautiful pink case. And actually really nice. So much as my nails it’s really nice because it’s like rubberized. So it’s like really soft to touch can we just show you about quick the great thing about this laptop that it has this little bar here. And I if you can see right here they can type in here. I can do little shortcuts. I can do. I purchase a lot of things just by getting my thumbprint or even unlock to the computer. I like it it’s a little bigger than my previous MacBook Air. But I like it. I like that it’s more powerful. And seriously this case it’s amazing. And not only mess my nails much is my next purchase which was no. I study obsessed with pink maybe maybe you don’t these are my favorite perfume it’s one of my most favorite perfumes. I stopped using a while ago. And I was in London. And at the airport. And they were on sale. And I remembers like oh. I love these perfumes you see sue Rodriguez for her. And it actually comes in a black bottle. And there is a pink bottle. And the bottle is black. So it’s the opposite. I like the pink bottle of course. And it’s very flowery very light smell. And I thought everything. I don’t always remember about putting my perfuse on. But I put these when. I go to bed. And relaxes me. So it’s like very light mmm.

I don’t know if. I really second describing perfumes but this one is really a very nice smell. And like. I said very relaxing. I wish. I could just be like. And you can smell yourself. I haven’t used these in forever. And I’m very happy to go back to the same smell. I liked years ago awesome. So when. I was in London that’s not the only thing that. I bought. I also bought sunglasses. So discover Topshop. And then we’re not excited my London bugs like oh we don’t get Topshop in our way. And someone said there is totally a Topshop in LA in the grove. I didn’t know but my favourite sunglass company is key Australia just are you spelling or if you can see it’s cute qu a why. And Kia Australia is what. I like about them it’s a good quality affordable cuz you’re all. suppose but look how cool they are this is my pair number one rocking it right very cool uh yeah. And they actually match a lot of outfits my second pair. I just wanted some oversized. I haven’t even used them some oversized black glasses this looks ridiculous. I guess. I should take it off before showing you that um what do you think you’re cool right yeah. So these are the big oversized ones. And I also got a parrot that. I have purchased this is my third time buying these glasses the same style same company. I just really like them. And I trash them ones who trash them twice or lost them in the Philippines but they’re like rose gold. And they’re super cool. So a third time lucky. I hope, I’m not gonna trash them as soon but you know because your. I can actually afford repurchasing them. I used to have Ravens before. And I lose glasses. I break them. I scratch like you know, I’m not the best person when it comes to owning things. I don’t pay attention to you know taking care of them for me it’s like it’s just a thing. And with some glass that means that. I have to buy a lot of sunglasses a lot of times not very smart you know but yeah they have been affordable enough for me that they haven’t been. So painful that’s pounds for these glasses. So you know terrible. And while. I was in Topshop I’ve got these heads that are their heads but you know just white tennis shoes with a platform. And I just like you know London. And Spice Girls.

And I’m like holy shit this totally reminds me of you know MI. And Jerry. And I was like. I saw won’t shoes like that. So I got them. And I wore them. And I felt very Spice Girls in London it’s awesome. I also bought this cute yellow bag at mango we don’t have mango here, I’m pretty sure please someone correct me if, I’m wrong again but yeah. And I thought it was. So cute it really just like can break a boring outfit into something super amazing. I feel. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. But I want to sure. And last but not least is coffee. And coffee but okay. So here’s this story. I follow this girl on Instagram called Helen Owen. And she is gorgeous she’s. So like she was like the most perfect buddy but not like they think that they can actual like uber ski me like zero fat on her stomach like you know that kind of girl like can totally hate her because she’s like oh. I eat. And she posts a photo myself eating cookies. And oh my god, I’m skinny she’s awesome. And as I’ve been following her she says that she always starts her day with Java babe coffee. So, I’m like okay boy, I’m gonna Instagram myself like you know that some people. And sometimes you do something for money but it’s not an. I swear by it this is not a commercial you know I’ve been using it for over a year. And I travel with it. So it’s like okay, I’m gonna give it a go. And I’ll see what’s in it. So this is what the bag looks like. And it’s actually just grounded coffee. And what’s inside it says that boosts metabolism an immune system zero crash increases focus. And mental clarity. And promotes healthy skin, I’m like well. I have been avoiding coffee you know. I do bulletproof coffee in the morning but before that. I didn’t have coffee for years. So I’ve been pretty reluctant to invest in this coffee but then. I read the ingredient. And it says beans you know coffee beans much of green tea premium yerba mate a robust. And pure love. And I’m like oh. So it’s actually a combination of tea. And coffee yerba Mata. And verbose. And matcha green tea which is all the tea’s that. I really like with beans. And when you make that she’s actually very light. And doesn’t feel very heavy it’s really feels like a combination of tea. And coffee it’s very clear. I have to tell you I’ve been really loving the taste of it. And yeah it comes with one month supply is. I think the bag cost bucks no expensive but it’s really really really good a coffee. And then kind of suppose you from having any other coffees anywhere else. And yeah. I guess that would be it babies my March favorites let me know what is your favorite product for March. And I would like to get some inspired for my please let me know. And if you haven’t subscribed to my blog please do. I know. I say that every single time but your support helps me make more posts. So that will be great thanks. So much for reading bye.

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