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Mapquest italy for There are pasture lands in the mountains that are used for cattle and sheep; to the north, the pastures are used for raising domesticated caribou, reindeer. One-fourth of the land is forested, and as such Norway's timber is the chief natural resource and one of the main industries. Tourists are attracted by the fantastic fjords and the midnight sun. Fishing is very important and Norway exports cod, herring, and mackerel as fresh, canned, or salted product to the entire world.

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Mapquest Italy

Petroleum was first discovered in Norway in the Ekofisk field in 1969 and is now vital to the nation's economy, becoming, along with natural-gas production, the country's chief industry. While this industry brings increased employment, it also ties Norway to the fluctuating world petroleum market that can cause increased inflation. Norway has other mineral resources that are heavily mined: pyrites, copper, titanium, iron ore, coal, zinc, and lead.

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