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Map zurich for As a young seeker in the ’70s, Jobs did not just dabble in Zen, appropriating its elliptical aesthetic as a kind of exotic 178 cologne. He turns out to have been a serious, diligent practitioner who undertook lengthy meditation retreats. Furthermore, the reviewer writes, Like a Zen fussbud get, Jobs paid precise, meticulous, uncompromising attention to every aspect of the user experience of Apple’s products. It is impossible to know exactly what koans were studied, but the observer speculates that during his early practice Jobs probably learned of a classic Japa nese Zen master’s tautological dictum, What is attention? Attention means paying attention! Another koan that could have served as a template for the formation of Jobs’s distinctively pioneering work ethic is Blue Cliff Record case 4, Deshan Carries His Bundle. Th is case is a classic example of an encounter dialogue between two masters. Guishan, one of Baizhang’s two main disciples, once kicked over a water pitcher as a bold and eff ective show of antistructural wisdom, but here he represents the epitome of monastic order by leading a mountain temple. Deshan, prior to his enlightenment experience under mentor Longtan, came to challenge and test master Guishan with his own display of an irreverent, tables- turning manner. Map zurich 2016.

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