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Map world for Meanwhile, the prose commentary (in a section not translated here) is characteristically ambivalent about the winners and losers of the case. Th e commentator remarks, People say that Guishan was afraid of Deshan, but he was not fl ustered at all. It is said, One whose wisdom surpasses a bird’s can catch a bird, and one whose wisdom surpasses an animal’s can catch an animal, and one whose wisdom surpasses a man’s can catch a man.’ Th en, this section of commentary suggests, Deshan turned his back on the sermon hall, put on his straw sandals, and departed. Now, tell me, what was his meaning? Tell me, did Deshan win or lose? In acting as he did, did Guishan win or lose? In saying He checked things out’ two times, Xuedou was like a bystander judging the two men. Finally, Yuanwu’s prose commentary casts doubt on Guishan’s approval of the intruder: Deshan could scold the Buddhas and revile the Patriarchs, but he would still never escape that cave. Th e marsh is so wide it can hide a mountain, and the cat is swift enough Whither Koans, or Wither? 183 that it can subdue a leopard. Map world 2016.

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