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Map of Villers-Cotterets on UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND free trade ECONOMIST ADAM SMITH (172390) first championed free trade as a systematic economic theory in his book Wealth of Nations (1776). Smith’s ideas ran counter to the prevailing economic theories of his day, particularly MERCANTILISM, or the governmental regulation of the economy. As a concept, free trade has been controversial ever since. Today, most professional economists support the notion, despite the frequent criticism it receives from political groups across the ideological spectrum. Free trade does not have a single, unified definition, but generally refers to trade between nations without any artificial barriers put in place by the government. When each side is engaged in free trade, they face prices determined by the global marketplace. In practice, free trade allows nations to trade with one another without restrictions, giving every nation the right to EXPORT AND IMPORT goods priced at the discretion of the market. Map of Villers-Cotterets 2016.

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