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Map Us States for Syria’s GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) in 2001 was $54.2 billion, with a per capita purchasing power parity of $3,200. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Syrian economic website, www.made-insyria. com; CIA World Factbook: Syria (2002); Volker Perthes, The Political Economy of Syria Under Asad (Tauris & Co., 1998). Map Us States 2016.

Babies at six months, for example, already have a rudimentary sense of quantities and numbers. How do we know? Babies pay attention to and look longer at what is new and unfamiliar to them so by measuring the length of time they look at stimuli, we can tell whether a stimulus is new or familiar. After becoming familiar with a picture of dots, babies lose interest but become alert and interested when they view only eight dots, which they view as different. They become increasingly alert and interested when the number of car horn beeps change. After viewing visual patterns, eight-month-old, babies developed expectations about the ways visual patterns changed and were able to use social cues to rule out distracting stimuli.

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