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Above is a map of the medical degree courses available at UK

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AZ Great Britain Road Map (Reversible North on one side, South on the

Map Uk Online for Industrialization required great numbers of immigrant workers who streamed into the country. Skilled workers intensified their efforts. After the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, the first truly national labor union formed, the National Labor Union (NLU), focusing on the eighthour day and the right to organize. The NLU folded in the early 1870s, but was replaced by a new national organization, the Knights of Labor (KOL). KOL membership peaked at 730,000 in 1886, but dropped by two-thirds over the next four years as employers and the police fought union growth and violently broke strikes. They linked organizing efforts with SOCIALISM and used the resulting red scare as a reason to persecute labor organizers. Labor power ebbs and flows. Map Uk Online 2016.

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