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That being said, consider the multitude of maps & online map quizzes

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Size: 1478 x 1001 356 kB

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Printable United States Map

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Map of USA

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map u s geological survey 2001 printed 2002 4 5mb

Map U.s for These opinions are given an alphabetic rating system, with AAA at the top of the scale and the lower value rankings (such as B or CCC) indicating less secure investment opportunities. The riskiest gradations have earned the name junk bonds in the market. The S&P 500 developed over several decades in the early 20th century. The Standard Statistics Bureau had, as early as 1923, introduced stock market indicators, intended to provide an alternative more suitable for professional investors than the popular but limited DOW JONES Industrial Average (DJIA) then in use. Initially the company rated 26 industrial groups comprised of 233 companies, calculating these figures for publication on a weekly basis. The company soon realized the need for more timely reporting, and in 1928, switched to a reporting format that could be calculated on a daily and then eventually an hourly basis, the S&P 90 Stock Composite Index, rating a group of 50 industrial, 20 railroad, and 20 utility companies. With the merger of Poor’s and Burke’s firms into Standard and Poor’s in 1941, the company began to actively position its 90 Index as a superior alternative to the DJIA. Map U.s 2016.

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