Map of Tuscany

Well, this ist it. The promised land for well-to-do foreigners who have always dreamed of owning a house in Italy. It’s no mystery why thousands of North Americans and Northern Europeans have chosen the subtle curves of the Apennines as their new home. Tuscany, Umbria, and Le Marche represent the quintessential Italian retreat, evoking daydreams of cloudless mornings in the garden and homegrown picnic lunches among olive groves. An afternoon outing might include a trip to the thermal spas near Arezzo, wine-tasting in Montepulciano, or a walking tour of some of Florence’s Renaissance art and architecture. Even the drive between these cities is an experience that other tourists travel thousands of miles to enjoy on vacation.

From Lucca and the Mediterranean beaches of Versilia to the quiet Adriatic solitude of Le Marche, there are lots of options for prospective homeowners spread across the breadth of the peninsula. The trick is to find an area that hasn’t been too discovered yet, then determine if there’s a good reason why it hasn’t. You need to hone in on the regional peculiarities that fit your personality and the housing prices that fit your budget.

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