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Map of Tal-Handaq on economy, these measures disrupted global trade and caused credit imbalances that contributed to the Great DEPRESSION. Other nations acted similarly and put up their own tariffs in the face of economic collapse, thus exacerbating the effects of the Depression. The overwhelming destruction caused by two world wars, however, gave new momentum to the idea of free trade. Economic and political thinkers viewed global free trade as a means to restoring quality of life, particularly in areas suffering the most from the ravages of war. In certain nations across Europe, Japan, and parts of the Far East, people were starving. Given its economic strength, the United States was called upon to open its markets to the world. At the end of WORLD WAR II, the United States clearly dominated the world economy, owning half the supply of monetary gold and producing half the world’s GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT (GNP). Map of Tal-Handaq 2016.

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You have the power to prevent all of that before it’s ever a threat by understanding your fixed costs and discretionary costs.

Fixed costs are fixed. They don’t change from month to month, or if they do”as with utilities payments”the change is relatively marginal and within a general range. These are costs you have committed yourself to pay, and they must be paid at the risk of losing your home, being evicted from your apartment, losing your insurance coverage, having your car repossessed, or coming home one day to find the water, cable TV service, or electricity cut off.

Discretionary costs come at your discretion. They do not recur monthly, arising only when you do choose to spend. The size of the cost each month is directly related to how often you act on your impulse to buy whatever it is you covet at some particular moment. Controlling your discretionary spending is a key to gaining control over your financial life.

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