Map Southern Thailand

map southern thailand 2 Map Southern Thailand

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Size: 400 x 553 130 kB

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Southern Thailand (Andaman) map

Map Southern Thailand for Therefore at this point: MU¹ /MU² = P¹ /P² or MU¹/P¹ = MU²/P² The second formulation may be more intuitive since it states that per dollar, a consumer should get the same marginal utility from each good. To verify this solution, consider the case where marginal utility per dollar is not equal. For example, our consumer (let’s call him Mike) is a student choosing books at a bookstore and is spending a $500 allotment from his parents between textbooks and novels. Textbooks are expensive (PT = $100) and novels are cheaper (PN = $20), so Mike chooses three textbooks and 10 novels. Mike has five classes, so his marginal utility of a fourth textbook is high (MUT = 15), and while marginal utility of novels is somewhat lower (MUN = 2). Is Mike spending optimally? To answer this, we have our two criteria: 1. The entire budget must be spent 2. Map Southern Thailand 2016.

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