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From 1997 the Nobel Prize gave us a permanent international upgrade to, at least, business class. One way to minimise the demand on me to travel so I could continue to do some real work in my home institution was to insist that meeting organisers provide at least a business-class ticket. This would not, however, be my demand if the invitation was to speak at a conference organised by a financially challenged scientific (versus clinical medicine) society but, with so many invitations, I could generally combine several different commitments and split the cost. Map of Salinas The consequence was a lot of round-the-world flights as, no more expensive than a direct international return, circling the globe allowed me to set up a sequence of talks in Asia, North America and Europe.

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Then the equipment improved again with the advent of the super jumbos, like the A380. With more fuel-efficient engines, these current generation planes, including the later 747s and the twin-engine Boeing 777s and carbon-fibre 787s, bypassed Hawaii to fly direct from Los Angeles to Sydney and Melbourne, or make one (versus two) stops from Melbourne to London. Where is Salinas? Qantas will evidently begin a new 787-9 direct service direct from Perth to London in 2018, and (presumably with a next-generation plane) non-stops from East Coast Australia to both Heathrow and JFK in New York are planned for 2022.

The on-board experience has changed in many other ways. Now we carry our whole professional life on a laptop computer backed up to a USB or the mysterious cloud. The leather (later canvas) briefcase stuffed with manuscript drafts is as historic as the fountain pen. For frequent flyers, paperback books for distraction after any capacity to write or to think is exhausted on a long-haul flight have been replaced with a library on an iPad or Kindle. Travelling in any class, you now also have a chance to catch up on the movies you’ve not seen (likely never wanted to see) on your own video monitor. There can be some great surprises! Cabin baggage has wheels, and nobody boards a plane without having been bombarded with some sort of irradiation, or patted down if there are medical (or personal) issues. What may once have been a relatively short stroll to the boarding gate has been reconfigured, forcing everyone to negotiate seeming kilometres of upmarket shops.

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