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Map of Saarland

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Size: 606 x 570 24 kB

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Saarland map

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Saarland map 2005

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Map Saarland

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Map Saarland for 6 billion. The war between the French and the Vietminh came to an end in 1954. At Dienbienphu, a village in northwest Vietnam, the French garrison was finally captured by Vietminh forces after a two-month siege. The Geneva Conference held in the same year formally ended French control in Vietnam. The Geneva Accord, the result of the Geneva Conference, temporarily divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel and scheduled to unify the country after a nationwide election in two years. The Geneva Accord was signed by all the other parties present at the conference except the United States and the Bao Dai government of South Vietnam. Determined to support a pro-American government in South Vietnam against the spread of communism, the United States turned to Ngo Dinh Diem, a Vietnamese Catholic who had collaborated with the Japanese and, since 1950, had lived in Europe and America. Map Saarland 2016.

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