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Mapquest En Espanol

Resolution: 550 x 407 125 kB
Size: 550 x 407 125 kB

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Orthopedic Building a )

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Mapquest En Espanol

Map Quest En Espa±ol for By 1865, 892 Vanderbilt, Cornelius he was the railroad’s president. He constructed a railroad bridge across the Hudson so that both the NY&H and the HRRR entered Albany. In 1867, Vanderbilt extended his New York railroad empire by acquiring the New York Central Railroad (NYCRR), and merging it into the HRRR. Vanderbilt next sought to extend his railroad empire beyond the state of New York by taking over the Erie Railroad, one of the two existing railroad lines that then connected the East Coast with Chicago. To do so, Vanderbilt initiated the Erie wars of 1868 69, in which Vanderbilt sought to buy a controlling share of Erie’s outstanding stock, while Vanderbilt’s old antagonist Drew, an Erie director, printed more Erie stock and dumped it on the market. In the end, Vanderbilt paid Drew about $1.5 million and failed to acquire control of the Erie railroad. Map Quest En Espa±ol 2016.

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