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Vancouver Island Road Map See map details

Resolution: 900 x 700 499 kB
Size: 900 x 700 499 kB

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Heures d‚„ouvertures : 8:00 am ‚ 4:30 pm Heure locale de l‚„ouest, Lundi

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This is another map showing the location of Victoria.

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CAMPUS MAP Quest University Canada University Boulevard Squamish BC

In schools, students hate each other, and practice acute competition to be on top of their classes. Certainly there is nothing wrong with being the best; however the danger lies in the process. I guess you have heard of students shooting each other for the most selfish reasons. At work places, lord, have mercy! Co-workers basically want to kill each other. In some offices, people sit as less as 20 feet apart, but email each other instead of talk.

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